Going for Silver

Silver is the precious metal of choice. The obsession began in those wide eyed teen years when silver rings went electric on Hawaiian Tropic tanned skin. It then matured with shoes and ladylike accessories. My latest Vans acquisition adds glimmer to the shoe rack–my version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. (Vans are another obsession, Spicoli’s checked pair epitomize surfer cool).

FullSizeRender (11)

For events when I have to play dress up and behave as proper ladies do, I paint my nails silver for a subtle shimmer.



Returning to motherhood style, the go-to bag is ideally made of sailcloth since it is the best way for electronics and juice boxes to happily cohabit.



Wrap Stars

I love to give but would not be in the category of those ladies with their own gift wrapping room. In fact I often select stores based on their gift wrapping style. Presents are packed in reusable bags or cotton sacks. Until now….


A book of wrapping paper and sticker tabs from Potter Style virtually wraps the present for you. The handsome collection is neatly organized in a book format.


And drugstore variety these are not, the prints cross all seasons and styles with pop.



Magnetic Attraction

A regressive moment happened with this clever magnetic play board. The intention is to give to my son for creative play that does not involve mutant pigs and survival mode.


I gingerly peel the box’s tape so I can test for myself. (An important task is to check for defects. There is nothing sadder than taking a toy from a child to exchange for a proper item). The popular Colorforms from my childhood this is not. The color, settings and magnets jump from their place holders, with some slight assistance of course. Real life responsibilities are put on hold so I can visit the tropics without needing bug spray.

It’s like the assembling of a train set, a supposed group project until the father deems it is intended for bigger kids and takes over the control.

The pieces are designed with whimsy. In fact the characters have a slight resemblance to my son’s world without the fishing monkeys.


Cheer Leader

My latest obsession is pom poms, and not the rah rah “let’s go team!” kind that looks like a bundle of Easter straw. The trim of crocheted balls take you back to colorful barrettes and knee socks. I have them adorned on everything from pillow covers to retro inspired shorts, seen here from J. McLaughlin.