Wallpaper Design

Take a blank space, add wallpaper, and achieve instant personality. The papered look has range too. It can embody Old World richness, embellishing rooms in grander estates with historic prints, usually of swirling florals in a panoply of garden inspired colors or Asian pagodas, to 80’s metallics that take inspiration from a disco ball. Wallpaper design may evolve though the style always evokes a reaction.

A simple pantry/bar area is elevated to a designed space by the addition of wallpaper and complimentary elements.


There are homes that embrace wallpaper design while others may be weary of living daily with a permanent pattern, it’s decor’s version of a dog family versus cat people. Some years designers may go paperless while suddenly there is such a surge of papered rooms you have to wonder if a royal’s wallpapered space made its way onto Pinterest. Regardless of your preference you can always count on the design to have a comeback. We adore wallpaper’s artistry and take inspiration from the work of master “Paperhanger” Eyder Ferreira.

Wallpaper Considerations:

Expand the paper’s potential by covering an entire room in a vivid pattern or modify to a single wall in a subdued print. Consider the space’s existing materials, such as flooring, windows, wood paneling, and how the addition of a print will contribute to the overall look. Embellish accompanying features to bring out the design, such as painting cabinetry, adding furnishings and art to compliment the overall scheme.

Concealing outlets with paper for a finished look.


Skilled Paperhangers are attentive to details like blending prints from cut pieces and covering outlets with aligned paper for a polished look.

A powder room takes a gutsy approach with this Greek Key pattern that relates to the flooring.


An installation in progress.

When to Save/Splurge:

Wallpaper is not as easily changeable as paint or furnishings. Thus make the selection last and choose from some of the more established companies such as Phillip Jeffries, Cole & Son, Omexco to more modern, design-forward options like Caitlin Wilson and Juju Papers. Hire a professional and check their references and examples of their work. Any mishaps equates to lost paper at your expense.

Classic designs in updated colors that injects a basic dining area with whimsy.

Take Inspiration:

Research looks you love, request samples, and view aside your space. Also take note on how the room will relate to other parts of your home. It’s advisable to have a flow over a jumble of disjointed spaces.

When to Take Risks:

If you want to test your affinity to wallpaper begin with a smaller space like a laundry area or powder room. Some prints may bring in drama, others come with stories experts have lofty degrees in, though a wallpapered room shows an attention to design.

All photography provided by Eyder Ferreira

Wallpaper mural of the world broadens global style.


ABF Wallpaper Installation: https://www.homeadvisor.com/rated.ABFWallpaper.69396778.html

Phillip Jeffries, one of the brands we adore for their timeless designs.


Favorite Wallpaper Companies:

Bartsch Paris: https://www.bartsch-paris.com

Brunschwig & Fils: http://www.brunschwig.com

Caitlin Wilson: https://caitlinwilson.com

Given Campbell: https://www.givencampbell.com

Carey Lind: http://www.yorkwall.com/subbrand/cld

Cavern Home: http://www.cavernhome.com

Cole & Son: https://www.cole-and-son.com/en/

Cowtan & Tout: http://www.cowtan.com

Graham & Brown: https://www.grahambrown.com/us/wallpaper/

Juju Papers: https://www.jujupapers.com

Kravet: http://www.kravet.com

Lulu DK: https://www.luludk.com

Manuel Canovas: http://www.cowtan.com

Thibault Design: https://www.thibautdesign.com

Scalamandre: http://www.scalamandre.com/custom/index.html

Schumacher: https://www.fschumacher.com

Waverly: https://www.waverly.com

Aimee Wilder: https://aimeewilder.com


















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