Entertain like a Parisian

After days of taking in mansard roofs and sculptures with missing arms, a repose from the bustle of Paris happened within a sort of private museum. The home of my cousin is a mix of personalized art collections mixed with family life, an apt representation of a people who can pull off skinny suits and dresses with avant garden cuts like no other. This innate style translates to home and entertaining.

A lavish table spread relates to the grandeur of the dining room.

The Setting:

We marvel at the French’s ability to execute simple sophistication–personified in this setting via bundles of flowers set in stubby silver urns, three tiered candelabras, a layering of heavy tablecloths and mix of tableware.

The table is a centerpiece within a dining room that displays collections in every possible nook. Museum-worthy drawings, paintings and important collections take you to a time where guests dressed in wigs and shoe buckles (one of my cousins collections). The walls are painted in regal mint green trimmed with gilded moldings. Above a Juliet balcony leads to a private room. Even the omission of industrial, air conditioned blasts confirm our presence in a Parisian space.

The Meal:

Forget dietary constraints of finicky guests or meals delivered in aluminum trays, there was a selection of foods that encouraged sampling. The variety of small plats relates to the early June season with prosciutto, trays of cheese, cold ham, breads, tapenade and large bowls of cherries, apricots and potato chips–a favorite with the younger guests. A tray of gazpacho and pureed pea served in orange juice glasses was well received. Champagne was the main drink of the evening.

Such an intimate setting united guests and gave insight into the customs of gracious hosts. Gathering over food and drink is always a good idea.






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