Shopping Wood – Sustainable Is Stylish

You do not need to haul an ax in a flannel checked shirt to appreciate wooden accessories. In fact pieces made from reclaimed wood are timeless, green, yet very current. The material is working its way into everything from scented candles to sunglasses.

  1. Clutch purse 2. Austen clog mule 3. Wood business cardholder 4. Palms Yachtmaster glasses 5. Gemstone wood bracelet 6. Sagamore Rustic Cube Reclaimed Teak end table 7. “By the Fireplace” unisex fragrance 8. Teak cutting board 9. Clic wooden iPhone case 10. Barn door 11. Reclaimed wood mirror 12. Bergamot cedar candle 13. Serving tray 14. Montgolfier wood bag 15. Teakwood water bottle
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