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For a girl who came of age in the 80s sleeping within walls papered with Laura Ashley’s signature pink rosebuds was a right of passage, like sipping wine coolers and flirting with the cute exchange student in class but less rebellious. Some of those pieces made it to your college dorm or the plush towels added a nostalgic quality to the pink tiled bathroom in your first apartment. (Yes, I am speaking from experience).

Two worlds collide with classic Laura Ashley prints, modernized, and accented with contemporary pieces. Sleek fixtures and glamour additions build on the theme.

Two worlds collide with classic Laura Ashley prints modernized and accented with contemporary pieces. Sleek fixtures and glamourous notes build on the theme.

Though can the unabashedly girly brand find a place in our contemporary, more experienced modern lives? It can. Classics endure but they are less frilly with the right layers. Penne Cairoli, the President of Laura Ashley USA says the latest collection is pretty and feminine but still remains smart looking.

A floral table setting is less granny china in chunkier shapes. The right accents add glamor and whimsy.

“Silver Serenity takes its inspiration from a new addition to our archives, this pretty Peony design in a wonderful palette of cyclamen and silver,” says Cairoli. “The collection was designed to appeal to the modern romantic, with blooms in neutral colours infused with pink.”

Laura Ashley’s All Grown Up: Signature florals evolved from the smaller ditsy prints Laura Ashley is famous for to more of an oversized floral that suits more contemporary designs.

Modernize the Look: Play with palette and scale. Use large floral prints together with stripes, checks and geometric prints.

Mix It Up: We’re quite fond of print mixing at Laura Ashley so as long as you keep in the same color family, it tends to work.

The Goods:

Beatrice floral cushion: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/collections/home-furnishings-cushions-throws/products/beatrice-floral-cushion

Catalina silver stripe cushion: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/collections/home-furnishings-cushions-throws/products/catalina-silver-stripe-cushion

Peonies floral silver cushion: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/collections/home-furnishings-cushions-throws/products/peonies-floral-silver-cushion

Beatrice cyclamen wallpaper: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/products/beatrice-cyclamen-wallpaper

Beatrice cyclamen fabric: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/products/beatrice-cyclamen-fabric

Miller upholstery fabric: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/products/miller

Bacall silver fabric: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/products/bacall-silver-fabric

Corby check silver fabric: https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/products/corby-check-silver-fabric

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