Bee Aware – Shop the Bumblebee Look

Napoleon anointed the bee icon as a symbol of power. Winnie the Pooh * perpetually warded off bees in his quest for a honey fix. Bees are a timeless motif. While they are as complex as a femme fatal, they are an essential part of the food chain. Who doesn’t love warm toast smeared with the golden nectar?

Keep the bee in flight.

Sadly bees have been put on the endangered list for the first time. Certain pesticides and diminishing natural food sources are some offenders, making awareness increasingly important. Beekeeper Andrew Coté of Andrew’s Honey not only operates a family honey business but founded Bees Without Borders, where he roams the world to educate poverty stricken communities on the trade. Increase the buzz by adding bee beauty to the everyday.

  1. Bee print 2. Honey tin 3. Stationery 4.  5. Sealing stamp 6. Ring 7. Wine charmers 8. Honey 9. Tea towel 10. Tattoos 11. Wallpaper 12. Door knocker 13. Cushion cover 14. Carafe set

* For more information on supporting the honey bee and to download the ‘bee-friendly’ guide inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh and friends visit www.friendsofthehoneybee.com

Other ways to help the honey bee:

1. Plant a window box

2. Buy local honey

3. Build a bee habitat


Ultimate Wallpaper Guide

Wallpaper has evolved from manor house motifs and the loud prints of a Palm Beach cocktail dress (though we love those too.) Updated selections will give any room pizzazz. Choose from a colorful tableaux resembling Andy Warhol’s take on wildflowers to artistic compositions a muralist would create. Installation options also vary. There is the classic pasted paper method or–renters and dorm residents take note–self adhesive varieties.

Forget the artwork, the floral infused color of this design direct a room’s theme that is both modern and personalized.


  1. NYC Water Towers by Tom Slaughter 2. Parisian Dandelions 3. Connect Wash on White 4. Cloud Garden 5. Hoya 6. Hydrangeas 7. Jungle Dream 8. Small Flowers 10. Drawing Cactus Pattern 11. Lovely Gingham 12. Confetti 13. Pina 14. Cactus Spirit

Travel Style Guide: What to Pack

The realistic traveler does not depend on valets and bellhops but will race through terminals to make a 15 minute connection. A sensible traveler will not pack optional hairdryers but travels with an edited collection of items that coalesce–wrinkle-free compact pieces that can be spot cleaned in a hotel sink. To keep from looking like you followed tips in a “What to Pack” guide, throw in a few accessories with a shared accent color that add verve to holiday snaps.

On the Plane: Distinguish yourself from the black nylon cases by wheeling a statement piece. While delays and turbulence are par for the travel course, lighten the mood with comedic socks and bright baggage.

  1. Rolling suitcase 2. Hat Box 3. Socks

In the Case: You don’t need to travel with a steamer trunk for a curated collection of dependable comfort pieces without looking slouchy. Affordable accessories are lightweight additions that polish a look for those who rather leave the pricey baubles at home.

  1. Scarf 2. Sneakers 3. Straw tote 4. Veronica Beard blazer with hoodie 5. Panama hat 6. Shirt dress 7. Knit pants 8. Sunglasses 9. Skinny jeans 10. Beaded necklace 11. Pajamas 12. Cape 13. Square Scarf 14. Silver Pleated Skirt 15. Foldable Flats



Ultimate Dog Gift Guide

Our dog Ellie came into our lives after a $140 donation and pitch to Bideawee that we have a backyard. She is a mixed breed, but nothing trendy with a doodle or poo. Once her little paws click clacked into our home we have been forever smitten. Pets are not just novelties that add cuteness to family photos, they are part of the family worthy of canine comforts.

Keeping your canine warm and well-dressed in a Pendleton dog coat.

When a Milk-Bone doesn’t say enough, give your pooch what she truly deserves.


  1. Rain Coat 2. National Park Dog Coat 3. Roll Up Bed 4. Dog Treats 5. Leash  6. Bow Tie Collar 7. Fabric Dog Toy 8. Bowl 9. Heart Sweater 10. Collar















Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifts with Heart

Valentine’s Day gifts covered with hearts is the equivalent of a text sent with more emojis than words, it gets a bit much. Rather than give a Whitman Sampler or checkout aisle trinket, say it with a sentiment that will be appreciated after the 14th.

Peeps marshmallow hearts is a fun way to say Valentine’s Day.

Let our guide to the heart, in a gift form that is, aptly convey the holiday message.

1. Socks 2. Valentine’s Day Class Cards 3. Love U Wool Beanie Kit 4. Girls Sneakers 5. Heart Pencils 6. Water Bottle









Ultimate Toy & Games Guide–Batteries Not Needed

The Christmas gifts that surrounded a tree chopped from the backyard, decorated in a home lit by lanterns, still hold currency today. You will see slight updates in colors and shapes but overall the shared concept of classic playtime with toys that won’t need a battery recharge will always work.

Chess Set by Wild Wolf.

  1. Kazoo 2. Chess Set 3. Daredevil Car 4. Steiff Giraffe 5. Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens 6. Classic 5 Mobile 7. Grand Piano 8. Circa Baseball 9. Blockitecture Building Set. 10. Spinning Top 11. Raggedy Ann and Andy 12. Matchstacks Little Hipster Memory Game 13. 4-Way Shut the Box 14. Harmonica 15. Roadster 16. Cicada Clicker

Moana Style – Get the Polynesian Look

I’ve been known to go to a movie and shift my focus from the plot to the fashion. When viewing Disney’s film Moana something unprecedented happened, and I am not referring to tolerable singing dialogue; I was in awe of the heroine’s style. Important to note: Moana is animated.

Her playful looks have a mix of tropical and Boho pieces with great accessories. While I do lust for footwear going shoeless may be a trend next summer as Moana’s bare feet were part of her character. (She doesn’t even have a pedicure.)

  1. Sophie Fan Earrings 2. Scarf 3. Split Earrings 4. Magical Thinking Tapestry 5. Chiffon Skirt 6. Stardusted Half Circle Necklace 7. Off-the-Shoulder Top 8. Island Company Necklace 9. Tube Top

Ultimate Gift Guide – Classic Patterns

Bookmark this gift guide and you can use it again next year. In fact, one of these items I gave on Christmas decades ago and he still wears it. (Hint: the L.L. Bean staple seen on every New England campus). Classic prints will remain in the lexicon of style because they have enduring appeal. From hostess gifts to what you wrap it up in, present something that the receiver will actually want and keep for years to come.


  1. Teepee 2. Reusable Giftwrap 3. Paul Smith Scarf 4. Liberty of London Tote 5. Baker’s Twine 6. Lem Lem Espadrilles 7. Kiel James Patrick Watch Strap 8. Pendleton Throw 9. Trapper Hats 10. Uncle Goose Blocks 11. Plaid Pants 12. Dumye Doll 13. L.L. Bean Sweater 14. Erin Fleet Pillow 15. Burberry Umbrella 16. Orvis Cabin Bottle Bag

Shape Up with Appliances

Design confession: the idea of relocating while my home hosts contractors for a never-to-be-determined amount of time is akin to being given livestock to make a meal. Shortcuts are an easy way to upgrade a look without the household upheaval. Simply add innovative appliances in your decor scheme. The product’s clean designs, available in current colors, will improve your life and add design interest.

1. Toaster 2. Vacuum 3. Drinks Mixer 4. Hot Wok Pro 5. Dishwasher 6. Coffee Maker 7. Pro Hair Dryer 8. Food Storage 9. Refrigerator 10. Max Heater 11. Microwave 12. Kettle 13. Washing Machine 14. Citrus Juicer 15. Blender 16. Wall Mount Hood 17. Range 18. Espresso Maker


Imagining the Trump White House – A Décor Story

The only cabinet reviewed for this Trump piece is connected to the kitchen. Once the future First Family moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue its interior may forego traditional floral patterns and heavy draperies for a gilded take. The White House could very well become The Gold House.

1. Rush Gold Flatware Set 2. 17-Month Agenda Book 3. Dahlia Gold Coasters 4. Guest Towels 5. Doublewall Drinkware 6. Form Teapot 7. Aquamar Split Finish Tub 8. Star Tiger Wallpaper 9. GE Suspension Lamp 9. Purist Drawer Pull 10. Purist Drawer Pull 11. Gold Pineapple. 12. Charger Plate