All-Inclusive – Valentine’s Day Celebration

Scrooge chose the wrong holiday. If there is anything to bah humbug it’s a holiday that buys into sharing a string of spaghetti, reconciling in the rain, intercepting an overseas flight for a marriage proposal. Overt gushing over your paramour hews toward a disastrous outcome. There are only so many opportunities in a lifetime to lock lips in a downpour and actually enjoy it, thus keep romance in reality. Relationships are like finances and politics, they should be kept private. Hallmark Channel enthusiasts stay with us, a Valentine’s Day celebration lands on the perfect date for a holiday.

Valentine’s Day’s softer palette to honor the “ones” you love.


February 14, fully entrenched in winter, is perhaps the reason for this cynical holiday approach. Isn’t romance more of a spring/summer activity? Though it’s calendric placement is an ideal excuse to be festive and break from a winter funk. Celebrate not just the one you love but the ones you love. We have altered the holiday to be more universal and a little less commercial.

Serve a combination of good foods with decadent treats.

Guide to an all-inclusive Valentine’s Day celebration:

Eliminate all things red, cellophane and overtly cute: This includes boxed chocolates, cards with fat cupids and stuffed animals clutching metallic balloons bought last minute at the CVS checkout. Hearts are permissible, just make sure they blend with the scheme rather than dominate.

Serve what you love: Eschew one-time-a-year novelty foods and sweets for delicious, attractive bites that add to the Valentine’s Day celebration.

Carnations capture the holiday’s whimsy.


Softer palette: Pastels say romance. Rather than take the red rose cliche approach go with festive yet whimsical carnations and pale blue hearts that compliment the setting with unexpected appeal.

Simple paper heart garland in non-traditional blue.


Paper heart garland: Etsy







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