Decorate with Statement Pieces

While dominant furnishings ground a room it’s the supporting accents that make a lasting impression. To enter the annals of true design as an artistic, personalized form you follow a few basic principles, notably melding disparate pieces with an unified thread, and then abandon the rules. It begins with an inherent understanding of your style, which directs the acquisition pursuit. The process is imprecise, less formulaic than an overly designed look where some showcase homes appear to be domesticated hotel rooms. When you decorate with statement pieces take a confident approach. They will fit into your scheme because they were acquired based on an initial attraction. The theory may sound like a guide in finding true love and, in fact, the same edicts apply. When you choose a significant other, in human or inanimate form, it’s that over-the-moon electricity that separates a nice, safe relationship to one that has passion.

Add like-minded accents to support the main piece through color and scale.


Accent pieces have passion. They are bolder than a simple, quality sofa or solid wooden table but there needs to be stylistic relief in an overly prescribed design. Whether it’s the artistry found in a chair’s silhouette or captivating materials and colors, such accessories command an environment. Risks are encouraged and there will be some pairings that do not fit, which is part of the process in achieving the destined look.

A coffee table book with a striking cover commands the table.



Consider an overall summation of your favorites styles, research inspirational sources, then begin the search. Today’s world is, literally, available as a shopping destination. In a time where you can buy sea glass in a crafts store or blank coffee table books whose sole purpose is their embellished spine, pieces with substance are especially valued. Emphasize authenticity regardless if their provenance is a leading auction house or online find, something made well endures.

A bold chair is the accent piece that pairs well with other like-minded accents like art, linens and even a market bag.


Long before experts anointed trending colors, choose a palette that stimulate you. Naturally we will be guided what designers and artists are using but inevitably the choice is yours.

Wallpaper, art and a dash of color compose the vignette.



For some and there is a liberal acceptance of color, which is why a compilation of varying shades will exquisitely come together in great masterpieces. To keep it from looking like a child’s spinning wheel select a few primary colors and add accents that support the theme—the look will produce surprising results. Unconventional pairings create a stunning effect, such as aqua and yellow or orange and gold. Accent pieces such as pillows, throws and art are the best way to introduce vibrant pops of color as they are easy to weave into a design over principle furniture.

A simple bunting makes a simple, stunning statement.


Statement pieces:

Make your standard utilitarian furniture radiate by pulling in accents to compose a style. These include:







Even a table setting or coffee table arrangement can dramatize a look. Whatever inspires will guide the look


Decorating the table is an opportunity to create a spectacle.



Gold desk: Studio Ten 25

Grace: 30 Years of fashion at Vogue: Phaidon

Orange chair: Taylor Burke Home

Market bag with orange handles: Jeanne Beatrice

Art: ducks goose

Sola pineapple wallpaper: Aimee Wilder

Bunting: etsy

Salt cellars: Ruby Lane

Gold placemats: Chilewich

BIA Cordon Bleu cake stand: Wayfair

Bistro dinner plates: Fiesta













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