Chunky Knit Throw: Three Price Points

The mental prep work has begun for winter’s arrival. A process where I outline how each frosty month will be spent and the gear needed, which includes wares for the home. Make hibernation more comforting, and stylish, with a chunky wool blanket that recalls the days when mom dressed you in the Irish knit sweater she wore as a lass. We found three chic blankets at your price.

3 Chunky Wool Blankets – 3 Different Prices

  1. Etsy, $45

The homemade feel of this blanket shows the construction of a fishing net that is both affordable and stylish.

2. Berkshire Blanket, $110

A true relation to the classic Irish knit.


3. Artizen, $275

A current, modern take on the chunky knit composition.







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  1. Deirdre Wells says:

    Best site to browse for ideas and shopping

  2. Prince says:

    Really enjoy this blog, thanks

  3. Tracey says:

    Chunky wool blanket at 3 prices shows a reporter’s knowledge on shopping and style

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