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We refuse to believe summer is coming to a close. There is no urgency to store away the sundresses and shorts. The grill’s covering is still gathering mold in the shed. The floors of the car are coated with sand. If you feel your summer gear was lacking this season, this is the best time to stock up with what you want and possible deals. It’s like buying Christmas decor the day after the holiday at half off and being fully prepared the following year. Here, we round up our wishlist favorites.

1. Native petite round towel 2. Bondi beach tent 3. Pagoda Kaeden umbrella 4. Santander Macrame Hammock 5. Beach cart 6. Carnival kite 7. Countryside gardening basket 8. Beach paddles

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  1. Jen Woodruff says:

    I like how you show some of the pieces in an actual arrangement in the accompanying story.

  2. Adelle Ramaski says:

    How do I say this? Your blog is awesome man!

  3. Cathy Drake says:

    Beautiful selection once again. And I do live in a warm climate!

  4. Rachel Morris says:

    Do you take orders or do I go on site? Perhaps offer a discount?


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