No Fuss Winter Gathering

After the holidays there is a tendency to hibernate until the appearance of crocuses lure us from our winter repose. Look to the cooler months as a time to celebrate simply and regularly, such as a light afternoon tea without the stuffy customs.

Find a look by connecting color and motifs.

A palette of frosted blue, silver and neutrals bring in light and awaken the senses. Pull in a theme, such as pears and colorful baker’s twine, then add delicate touches to finish the look.

3 steps to a simple winter gathering:

  1. Choose pieces with Gustavian colors to compose a wintry scene that warms the spirit.
  2. Serve elegant chocolates and a baker’s mix of cookies that complement the setting. Green tea is a warm, healthy beverage that follows the scheme.
  3. Set with a variety of heights with pedestal plates and a mix of pieces to fill out the vignette. Even children’s dishes and books liven up the table.
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