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Ultimate Transitional Bathroom

It’s a new year and home design forecasters are earning their street cred by identifying trends to expect in 2017. Before colorizing your home in the latest color (greenery) or tiling your backsplash (mirrored), take a moment to consider what works in your lifestyle. Altering the home is not as simple as dying a strand of your hair blue. In creating a transitional bathroom, Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, vice president of design, faucets and fixtures of American Standard, maintains that clean looks will always be welcomed.

The DXV Lowell bathroom suite exhibits enduring elements, like graphite wood finish, single handle faucet, high efficiency toilet and shower trim kit.

“We see a continued emphasis on minimalistic design lines, highlighted by softer geometric forms, dominating faucet and lavatory styling,” says L’Henaff. Look to detailed, quality effects through hardware and finishes. Accents should work with the room without commanding the finished look. Bill Darcy, CEO of the National Kitchen & Bath Association also advocates the simple appeal of a modern transitional space. “We’re hearing from NKBA members that simple, clean lines and more transitional and contemporary styles are on trend for kitchens and baths right now,” he says.

For those who have an itch for more high impact style add glamour touches. Says L’Henaff “Luxurious faucet finishes that make a dramatic statement–such as copper, gold and matte black–are on the rise. More compact size sinks–better suited to smaller settings like powder rooms and urban bathrooms–are more in demand, along with freestanding tubs occupying a smaller footprint, again to provide high style in optimum space.”

DXV Lowell console sink in light ash wood finish.

3 simple must-have additions to an updated bath:

  1. Walk in shower with open door.
  2. Hardware finished in quality materials like copper, matte black and metallic.
  3. Natural elements such as wood and slate.
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No Fuss Winter Gathering

After the holidays there is a tendency to hibernate until the appearance of crocuses lure us from our winter repose. Look to the cooler months as a time to celebrate simply and regularly, such as a light afternoon tea without the stuffy customs.

Find a look by connecting color and motifs.

A palette of frosted blue, silver and neutrals bring in light and awaken the senses. Pull in a theme, such as pears and colorful baker’s twine, then add delicate touches to finish the look.

3 steps to a simple winter gathering:

  1. Choose pieces with Gustavian colors to compose a wintry scene that warms the spirit.
  2. Serve elegant chocolates and a baker’s mix of cookies that complement the setting. Green tea is a warm, healthy beverage that follows the scheme.
  3. Set with a variety of heights with pedestal plates and a mix of pieces to fill out the vignette. Even children’s dishes and books liven up the table.
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Ultimate Toy & Games Guide–Batteries Not Needed

The Christmas gifts that surrounded a tree chopped from the backyard, decorated in a home lit by lanterns, still hold currency today. You will see slight updates in colors and shapes but overall the shared concept of classic playtime with toys that won’t need a battery recharge will always work.

Chess Set by Wild Wolf.

  1. Kazoo 2. Chess Set 3. Daredevil Car 4. Steiff Giraffe 5. Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens 6. Classic 5 Mobile 7. Grand Piano 8. Circa Baseball 9. Blockitecture Building Set. 10. Spinning Top 11. Raggedy Ann and Andy 12. Matchstacks Little Hipster Memory Game 13. 4-Way Shut the Box 14. Harmonica 15. Roadster 16. Cicada Clicker
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No Fuss Christmas Decorating

The countdown to December 25th is clear. The neighborhood looks like a traveling Christmas exhibition from Vegas. Store windows are frosted with snow shot from an aerosol can and loud holiday signage. Years ago I found that decorating for the season was less stressful when I deviated from the conventional. Nothing against Santa but you will not find his appearance from a red felt hat or ornament in my home though stories about Saint Nick are encouraged. Blinking colored lights should be saved for a hotel vacancy sign. I choose items that I’d decorate for the winter season that happen to be intended for a major holiday.


A crochet advent calendar from Garnet Hill with numeral pockets start the festive momentum each morning.

Stay true to the design and colors of your home then flourish with supporting details.

Creating a gingerbread home has a dual purpose as a fun activity that adds to the decor. Simple eco-friendly lessons are learned from decorating with household items, like twine and burlap, over shiny paper.

Even our tinsel tree fits the bright theme of the family room and decorated with with coordinated metallic ornaments.

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Moana Style – Get the Polynesian Look

I’ve been known to go to a movie and shift my focus from the plot to the fashion. When viewing Disney’s film Moana something unprecedented happened, and I am not referring to tolerable singing dialogue; I was in awe of the heroine’s style. Important to note: Moana is animated.

Her playful looks have a mix of tropical and Boho pieces with great accessories. While I do lust for footwear going shoeless may be a trend next summer as Moana’s bare feet were part of her character. (She doesn’t even have a pedicure.)

  1. Sophie Fan Earrings 2. Scarf 3. Split Earrings 4. Magical Thinking Tapestry 5. Chiffon Skirt 6. Stardusted Half Circle Necklace 7. Off-the-Shoulder Top 8. Island Company Necklace 9. Tube Top
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