Shape Up with Appliances

Design confession: the idea of relocating while my home hosts contractors for a never-to-be-determined amount of time is akin to being given livestock to make a meal. Shortcuts are an easy way to upgrade a look without the household upheaval. Simply add innovative appliances in your decor scheme. The product’s clean designs, available in current colors, will improve your life and add design interest.

1. Toaster 2. Vacuum 3. Drinks Mixer 4. Hot Wok Pro 5. Dishwasher 6. Coffee Maker 7. Pro Hair Dryer 8. Food Storage 9. Refrigerator 10. Max Heater 11. Microwave 12. Kettle 13. Washing Machine 14. Citrus Juicer 15. Blender 16. Wall Mount Hood 17. Range 18. Espresso Maker

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