Ultimate Cottage Kitchen

For those who cook by spattering their apron and liberating the spice rack for an improvisational recipe, a cottage kitchen is the ideal venue. You could say that such a kitchen improves your cooking over a fussy space that would be in design disarray if you left a box of Raisin Bran on the counter. In the kitchen of my former Laguna Beach home, cottage charm blends with updated accents that secured it as the most popular place in the house.


Cottage details abound in the kitchen.

Creating the design followed a low maintenance approach where small details added impact. Just steps from the front entry that leads to the beach, sandy dwellers is a frequent occurrence here.

Cottage Kitchen Design Process:

We kept the hardwood pine floors that flow throughout the home and installed a quick drying cement countertop.

Cabinets were given oomph with a sage green paint selected after testing a few samples and a few glasses of wine.

Open glass shelving showcases worthy pieces that support the kitchen’s look.

The farm style table was customized for the space. Since this is a smaller kitchen it accommodates a variety of functions.

Overhead pan rack adds to the kitchen’s needs in a small space.

Bring in personal collections for a signature touch, such as an arrangement of antique seltzer bottles that fit the scheme. Just be sure to use earthquake glue if you live in California.


Live with your collections.

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