Designing a Sunroom

It’s the sunroom a gardening editor would create–cheerful with bursts of summer colors and a lot of twee. This is the room for playing card games, drinking cocktails spiked with celery, followed by lazy mornings until the sun recovers your original spirit. To design your own either enlist a decorator with the nickname of an animal or flower or follow a traditional scheme.


Furnish with a few classic pieces that can easily be refurbished with paint (notably white wicker or cane furniture). Invest in a rug your daughters will fight over. Accessorize with dependable accents such as pillows, bright cushions and stack of coffee table books. Paint the walls in an organic color like mossy green that blends well with the right piece of art. An attention to furnishings and color will always equate to a beautifully appointed room.

Shop the pieces to style your own sun space.

  1. Roche pillow 2. A Visual Life by Charlotte Moss 3. Aubusson rug. 4. Jeco white wicker furniture set
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