Picnic Themed Party

Everything lightens up when outdoors. Food, clothing, decor and moods all shed a layer for a more low key approach. If you have the option to dine outside, you’ll take it.

Shop for what's freshes, great produce cuts down on prep time.

Shop for what’s fresh, which makes for a simple meal that cuts on prep time.

Find an ideal location, eschew perfume for bug spray, and choose a theme. I began with a denim tablecloth, which follows the same principle as blue jeans as a foundation piece that goes with everything. The flowers set the color scheme, with vibrant pinks, oranges and pops of color, all welcoming hues after a winter season.

When creating your outdoor menu let nature also takes its course. I shop for whatever looks freshest, which translates to the taste, table and its design. Prosciutto, French cheeses and fresh breads make a simple, delicious meal.

Outdoor Entertainer To Do List:

Base your colors and design scheme on what’s available in nature, such as the flowers, fruits and produce. Even your cookies can follow a pattern.


Gingham cookies make for a styled dessert.

Choose classic pieces, such as gingham patterns, a quality picnic basket and summer madras linens.


A great picnic basket with a classic madras tablecloth offers the option of a movable feast and more seating.

Push the adornments, like a bunting cake topper and sprinkles, to transform a simple occasion into an event.


Even if your kids baked the cake, it looks great with a cake topper and sprinkles.

We all love parting goods. Staying true to the theme and style, treat bags with seed packets are a simple gesture from the host.


Seed packets in a treat bag for a goody bag that hits the theme.

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